- - Brief Introduction - -

Dingzhou Dongfang Foundry Co. Ltd. (herein referred to as DDF) is a Chinese-Foreign joint venture located near Baoding City, in the Hebei Province, China. The annual production capacity at DDF is currently 180,000 Tonnes, however current expansion plans will allow DDF to produce 200,000 Tonnes annually. Individual casting sizes range from ounces to 24 Tonnes.
DDF produces a wide variety of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys and metal types (grey and ductile iron, alloy, mang-anese and high strength steels). On site, we also have both Aluminum and Brass capabilities. The aluminum foundry produces decorative and industrial castings, but is also used to produce patterns for ferrous castings. Aluminum
patterns are used primarily for large volume production parts or wear parts on wood or plastic pattern equipment. Using light weight metal in the patterns ensures long term dimensional stability, while maintaining approximately the same pattern weight.
DDF is one of the world leaders in the production of industrial counterweights for forklift, manlift and earth moving equipment. Although the majority of the production is dedicated to the manufacture of counterweights, we also produce castings for industrial machinery, aluminum smelting, oil field pumps and fire hydrants. We also produce water works
fittings, municipal street castings (grates, frames, and manhole covers), and decorative castings (tree grates, bollards, lamp posts and park bench ends).

In order to develop and maintain our reputation as a world class supplier to OEM manufacturers globally, we have invested heavily in quality, service, technology and people. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company and as such have documented procedures and practices to ensure the highest levels of service to our customers. As a result of our rapid and continued growth, we have expanded our management and technical teams and ensure that they are trained in the latest technologies and foundry practices. Our management and engineering teams receive continuous upgrading at
schools such as the Beijing Qinghua University and various foundry colleges in the region. We are also dedicated to providing our workers with regular classes taught by qualified instructors on the many varied foundry practices and procedures we use at DDF.

The DDF Group currently includes: DDF1, DDF2, DDF3, DDF4, A small castings Factory and Machine Shop. DDF1 has two 10 tonne per hour (TPH) cupolas and the annual production capacity is currently 50,000 Tonnes. DDF2 also has two 10TPH cupolas and a vacuum moulding line to produce counterweights. At present the annual production capacity at DDF2 is 40,000 Tonnes.

At DDF3, we have recently installed a state of the art 10 TPH continuous water cooled cupola. DDF3 has 3 vacuum moulding lines and a large capacity continuous no bake resin sand mixer to make industrial counterweights. The annual production capacity at DDF3 is 50,000 Tonnes.

DDF4 has two 7 TPH cupolas and six coreless induction furnaces. This foundry pecializes in ductile iron and steel castings for industrial machinery. The same shop also features a lost foam line and an investment casting work shop.

The small castings factory is used to make water works fittings, municipal street castings and decorative castings. It has two 7 TPH cupolas, capable of making either gray or ductile iron and all moulding is done with green sand.

We are not only in a position to supply finished painted castings but we can also supply castings that are completely machined and ready for assembly by our customers. DDF's machine shop covers 2,400 m2 (24,000 ft2) and combines manual and CNC machining centers. The machine shop has 8 new CNC machines and a wide variety of numerical-
controlled lathes and mills.

Every new casting that DDF produces is studied extensively for form, function and finish before we ever cut any wood or pour plastic for the pattern. We feel that a commitment to detailed planning, involvement of our customer in the planning procedures and choosing the appropriate foundry methoding, not only greatly reduces lead times for accurate
and high quality prototypes, but also results in high quality production castings. It has also proven to reduce the time from concept (drawing) to production castings.

While still in the planning stage, we utilize the latest software to plan every new pattern. The software F.T. Star3.01 is a finite element analysis package used to determine exact heat transfer patterns and rates. The software is used primarily to predict porosity, but also to determine if there will be areas of high residual stress as a result of liquid and solid contraction during cooling.

From the time the drawing is received from our customer, to the time we ship a prototype casting, we want to ensure that we are providing our customers with parts that consistently meet their expectations. To accomplish this goal, we use the ISO 9001:2000 standard as a guideline for statistical process control and quality management. We have the following inspection equipment to help us inspect, measure and test all of our castings before you will ever see them: temperature probes, Spectrometers (alloy analysis), microscopes (metallographic analysis), hardness testers, coordinate
measuring machines, X-ray equipment and ultrasonic equipment.

Our management vows that our products and services will meet your expectations and do so at a reasonable price. At Dingzhou Dongfang Foundry, we welcome your casting challenges and want to work with you and your team to create opportunity.