Pattern making
Molding Process

Pattern Shop:
Being an OEM foundry, we have our own pattern shop. Generally, we make a wood pattern first and then, if the quantity is large, we will make a permanent pattern from plastic or metals.

Molding Process:
Vacuum Molding System
Resin Sand
Lost Foam
Green Sand
Die Castings
Investment Castings

Four 10-ton copulas
One 7-ton copula
One 5-ton copula
One 750kg electric furnace
One 500kg electric furnace
One 250kg electric furnace

Two machining shops allow us to have the castings machines exactly according to customer¡¯s various requirements. We have also 2 CNC vertical machine center and 2 horizontal machine center specially set up for machining industrial components with tight tolerances.

Surface Finishing:
Bondoing, priming and top coating are done in our painting shop. We have two painting shops special for counterweights and one painting site for municipal parts. We have also a paint-baking room for finest surface finishing to meet customer¡¯s requirements.

Chemical Test:
------ Chemical Lab for raw materials
------ Optional Spectrometer for melted iron from test bars or test blocks

Physical Test:
------X-ray, non-destructive examination
------Computerized Universal Testing Machine for hardness and tensile strength

Dimensional Inspection:
HXY one-arm Three-dimensional Measuring system
Gauges or fixtures specially designed for one part